Finance, governance, and administration through our affiliate, Foundation Source Philanthropic Services, Inc.

At Cáritas we partner with the best professional who can take take care of financial management, governance, and compliance, and function as your foundation’s back office so you can pursue your philanthropic mission without worry. We keep the big picture in mind, anticipate needs, and actively manage day-to-day tasks to ensure your foundation runs smoothly and effectively, coupling with Foundation Source Philanthropic Services, the country’s largest Private Foundation administrator. (Fees for these services are separate from those charged by Cáritas, and we are a referral company to Foundation Source Philanthropic Services, not working directly but in tandem with them). 

Foundation Source’s finance and accounting team has deep experience in foundation finances, from the CFO level to daily bookkeeping, and they’ve designed systems and processes specifically for private foundations. They handle every aspect of financial management and make sure your foundation complies with the required rules and regulations.

Foundation Source also provides a full range of back-office support and administrative services, so you don’t have to deal with office-management hassles.