Foundations & Endowments

Cáritas (cf., “Charity” in Latin), the name of our firm, informs and dictates our every decision and activity, respecting our clients’ objectives and putting their interests–and those of the greater community–first. First and foremost.

At Cáritas we remove the arduous task of money manager selection and excessive third-party consultant fees. We take the tedious task of guessing which asset class, or asset class money manager to own–be it with regard to stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate, or any other asset class–off the boardroom table. Outside third party consultants like Wellington, Cambridge, or BNY Mellon charge huge fees, do not provide easy to understand transparency, and often fall prey to strategy drift when it comes to following an Investment Policy Statement. These fees, coupled with the sub-account asset manager fees, added to other transaction/commission costs and time wasted conferring quarterly to review benchmark performance can all be prohibitive to the intended goals of an endowment or foundation.

At Cáritas, you’ll no longer have to hire or fire money managers or haggle over fees, or bicker with your boardroom peers about who chose the right/wrong/best/worst money manager, asset class, mutual fund, or investment strategy and why.

We will INDEX you in an all-weather Self-Driving Portfolio which only takes minor re-balancing quarter, but which will be lean, and high performing across the spectrum, from small/mid/large cap equity, to bonds, commodities, currencies, real estate, international and domestic, with the added safety of our proprietary covered-call options strategy overlay. The call-option overlay is intended to mitigate downside risk, and add up to 8% in additional income per year to any uniquely structured ETF portfolio.

Your finance committe or executive board can get on with the more paramount tasks at hand, and rest assured that your assets are at least meeting the market, in not beating the market. We all know it is very difficult to beat the market, especially over longer periods of time, regardless of the asset class. And it is our goal to at least meet the market, all the while trying to beat the market, with the lowest amount of expense possible.

You can finally get back to the #1 job you’ve been charged with, which is to focus on grant-making, helping the community, and working to make society a better place for us all. Worrying over which Wall Street firm is doing their job and actually delivering what they promised will be a concern of the past. Your time and money can be better allocated elsewhere.

You’ll passively leave that to Cáritas, and we’ll charge you 0.20% on assets, no other fees whatsoever through Schwab Institutional, and you will finally breath easily knowing you’re not getting fleeced by high-priced, low performing Wall Street firms that overcharge and under deliver. No more hedge funds, no more private equity deals, and no more exotic, seemingly sexy, esoteric, opaque investment strategies that don’t do what they claim to do.

We believe we have the most competitive offering in the business, charging a flat 0.20% per annum, all-in, inclusive of all transaction costs, including unlimited consultation with your finance committee or the full board, as well as periodic Investment Policy Statement reviews as per your long term objectives.

And, here’s the great news, Cáritas pledges to give up to 25% of that fee to any 509(a)1 or 501(c)3 organization of your choosing, if you remain a client for up to four years. In year one we give 10%, year two 15%, year three 20%, and 25% in year four. It’s our way of saying ‘thank you,’ and it’s our version of a customer loyalty program for our largest, most socially responsible organizations.

That’s our commitment to you and your organization, aligning ourselves with your goals and objectives to do well by society and collaboratively improve the communities within which we live. It’s a promise you won’t find anywhere else. We think we’re unique, and we believe you will think so, too.

We at Cáritas review your organization’s current holdings, fee structures, investment strategies, and asset allocations with your board’s finance committee, and provide a report of your current costs and overall returns versus the appropriate blended benchmark, confirming that your reported returns are, in fact, objective and accurately conveyed, ensuring that Wall Street is not taking liberties and charging unknown, excessive or hidden fees resulting in poor investment results.

If you wish to focus solely on Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), we’ll direct you that way through the dozens of low-fee Exchange-Traded Funds in the SRI space. We can help your board design a viable socially conscious portfolio of ETFs composed strictly of companies that do well by the community, if that’s what your mandate states.

High performance, low fee, market meeting (not necessarily ‘beating,’ but possibly so, through call-option strategies) returns. It’s sensible, it’s right for your stakeholders, and it’s all available to you right now at Cáritas Investment Advisors, LLC through Schwab Institutional for only 0.20% per year. Make the call. You’ll be happy you did.