Cáritas is Latin for “Charity,” and the name of our firm informs and dictates our every decision and activity, respecting our clients’ objectives and putting their interests–and those of the greater community–first.

Founded in San Francisco in 2016 as an independent, stand-alone Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) utilizing Schwab Institutional’s custody and clearing services–incorporated in California and registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC) and the California Department of Business Oversight–Cáritas is an ultra-low fee, “zero commission” advisory firm focusing on institutional clients who wish to adopt a passive, Index investing, market-meeting investment management philosophy, as opposed to the traditional high fee, low performance active management approach Wall Street has promoted for decades.

Call Cáritas at (415) 277-5992 for more information. 

We provide free consultation of current money manager/consultant compliance with investment policy statements vis a vis long-term investment goals, while analyzing areas of high fee/low performance which might better be allocated passively among our list of vetted Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) through Schwab Institutional. We recommend and allocate among Vanguard Sector ETFs, BlackRock’s iShares, Schwab Broad Market ETFs, State Street’s SPDRs, and Invesco PowerShares. All our ETF Index positions are secured through risk mitigating covered-call options, a proprietary strategy which can increase annual income and reduce market risk.

We at Cáritas Advisors believe that success in the private sector can only be achieved through awareness, recognition, and support of the public sector. Private-public partnership is key to any community’s productivity and efficiency, and Cáritas strives to instill this belief in its stakeholders. To this end, we provide means through which clients can donate a portion of our fees charged for money management (up to 25% per year) to charities of the client’s choice.

We believe in an innovative, inclusive business model which enables community interaction and contribution, collaborating with non-profit charities to deliver social impact to public needs. Our unique business model involves heavily discounted financial service in the fourth year of client/advisor engagement, and we believe in passive Index-only equity, bond, commodity, real estate, precious metals, etc., exchange traded baskets of listed equities. We couple this low expense, highly transparent strategy with a simple income generating covered-call options overlay for added safety and risk mitigation.

We believe that the client truly “get what they give,” and we stand by that credo with our philanthropic orientation toward community, granting up to 10% of our fee revenue to 501(c)3 non-profit organizations (vetted through Charity Navigator, Guidestar, etc.) anywhere in the World, as the client sees fit.


  1. Ignore the task of picking individual stocks and utilize low-cost, highly liquid, exchange-traded funds to ‘meet the market, rather than beat the market.’
  2. It’s impossible to beat the market due to the Efficient Market Hypothesis, and you’ll fritter away precious time trying to do so.
  3. Utilize a strategic covered-call options strategy applied to timing the market highs and lows, and increase portfolio returns conservatively.
  4. Keep all fees to a minimum, and question whether you’re getting your money’s worth from your financial advisor or outside third layer of fee generation, your consulting organization (e.g., Cambridge Partners, Colonial Consulting, Hall Capital Partners, etc.). 
  5. Never pay a total of more than 0.50% per year “all-in” for your institution’s financial services needs (Note: This includes all layers of fee deduction, many of which are invisible to the investor, i.e., expenses of mutual funds, private equity investments, venture capital syndicate costs, and ETFs internal expenses.)
  6. Spend more time accomplishing the fiduciary tasks a Board of Directors or any investor is charged with, for themselves and their stakeholders. 
  7. Never buy any kind insurance annuity, fixed or variable. Ever.


Cáritas Investment Advisors, LLC / 50 California Street, 15th Floor / San Francisco, CA 94111 / (415) 277-5992 / (415) 235-8000 cell. / (415) 723-7723 fax.  All assets custodied and cleared through Schwab Institutional, part of Charles Schwab & Co., headquartered in San Francisco, CA.