Schwab Institutional

Charles Schwab & Co., Cáritas’s sole custodian and clearing firm for all assets, serves roughly 3,250 Registered Investment Advisors domestically and abroad, and is your trusted back office administrator for trading, clearing and custody of our assets.

With over $2.8 trillion in assets under management, Charles Schwab & Co. ranks among the top ten largest financial institutions in the country.

And over $1 trillion of those assets are held and managed by Registered Investment Advisors like Cáritas. In short, you’re in good hands and we’re grateful to have Schwab as our backbone administrator for added comfort that your assets are in safe keeping.

The only fee you pay is the low asset-based fee we deduct from your account (0.10% – 0.40% annually) based upon account asset size. Any transaction charges of $4.95/trade, including charges for options transactions, are reimbursed by Cáritas each quarter at the time of deduction of management fees.